Place of origin of child: Hatolia, Ermera
Name of parents: Unknown

Francisco Babo Soares (father of Luis and Agusta) and Dominggas Babo Soares (sister of Luis and Agusta):

‘In 1977 many of the people in the Ermera district were forced to live concentrated together in the coffee store sheds in Aifu, Ermera.

Separated child

One day soldiers found a child separated from his family when they were out on patrol. They brought him to the camp.

He was about eight years old. Nobody in the camp recognised him. He could only tell us that his name was Cristovão and that he came from Hatolia, in Ermera district.

My daughter, Dominggas Babo Soares, tried to save him from removal by soldiers by taking him into her care. But she was not successful.

Five children taken away

Soldiers from the same unit who took away my children, Luis Manuel Maya and Agusta Fatima Babo, also took Cristovão with them. As well they took two sisters from Ermera, Agusta and Madelina Martinz.

We heard from other people that as the soldiers were about to leave in their vehicle they called Cristovão. The soldiers didn’t tell him beforehand that they planned to take him away.

Since then we have never had any information about Cristovão.