Plancido Hornai (Bharun)

Place of origin: Larigutu, Ossu, Viqueque district

Date of birth: born in 1984

Parents: Balbina Hornai (mother) and Cipriano Hornai (father):

‘Bahrun is the oldest of our seven children. First of all we sent him to study at the Islamic Institution, Yakin, in Dili. Then in 1997 Yakin sent him to a pesantren in Sulwesi. Before Yakin sent Bharun, Arham (Celestino Hornai), a cousin of Bahran’s father, visited us and asked our permission to send Bahrun to Sulawesi.

Bharun sent a letter in 2003 with Maumeta, another relative who is also studying in Sulawesi. Bahrun asked for money to organise his passport and pay for his travel as he really wanted to see us. Maumeta said that those organizing the Muslim students in Sulawesi would not let them return until they had finished their study.

We didn’t have money to send him, but we want him to contact us and come home.’