Making them Indonesians: Child transfers out of East Timor by Helene van Klinken, Monash University Publishing, Melbourne, 2012

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There is also an Indonesian translation:
Anak-anak Tim-Tim di Indonesia: Sebuah cermin masa kelam
(see Indonesian section of this website for details)


  • East Timorese children: A Mirror of Colonialism by Aboeprijadi Santoso (Jakarta Post, 24 March 24 2013)
  • Anak Merindukan Induk Hiburan, INFO Buku Baru (Kompas, 9 September 2012) (Indonesian)
  • Book Shines a Light on Indonesia’s Transfer of East Timor Children by Karis Schneider (Jakarta Globe, 3 August 2012)
  • Rare, smuggled animals by Jill Jolliffe (Australian Book Review, No. 64 April 2012)