Agustinho Lelo (Mauolo)

Tahun lahir: 1970

Parents of child: Haribosi (mother, died before 1975), Olotoni (died 1985)

Place of origin: Kaileteana, Builale, Larigutu, Ossu, Viqueque district

Ermelinda Monteiro da Cruz (daughter of  Luis da Costa (Lekilabo) who is the brother of Mauolo’s father Olotoni, and Julietta da Costa (Labusahe)):

‘My uncle and aunt had two children Mauolo and Mariana Monteiro who was younger.  Mariana is married with four children and lives in my village.

In 1983 when Mauolo was about 12 years old, a soldier from Battalion 745 took him to work as his TBO in the Suai district. The soldier found Mauolo when he was playing in the street and just took him. He was too scared to do anything but just go along with the soldier.

During 1983 and 1984 Mauolo went with the soldier on operations in the forest. For two years we had no news of him.

In 1985 Mauolo lived in the soldiers’ barracks in Fatumaca, Venilale. His soldier had his own house. Between 1985 and 1988 Mauolo came back to his village several times to visit us, including when his father died.

After that my own father went several times between 1987 and 1988 to visit Mauolo. He told my father that when the war was over he would be able to go home. On the second visit my father made his younger sister Mariana also went. They met with Mauolo and the soldier invited them to stay in his house. The soldier, his wife and children treated Mauolo well.

In 1988 my father heard that the soldier had moved to Oecusse (the enclave in West Timor).

Since then we have never had any news about or contact with Mauolo. We has family are anxiously waiting for him to contact us.’