Carmalinda Belo’s children

Jose, Januari, Kalistru, and a younger sister

Mother: Carmalinda Belo

Place of origin: Saraida, Turanaba, Baguia, Baucau district, and Quelicai

Raimiru da Conceicão (brother of children’s mother):

‘In 1994 my sister, Carmalinda Belo, was sick. Salanuddin offered to take one of her children, Jose, in high school, and pay for his education in Sulawesi. Soon afterwards her husband died. The following year Salanuddin offered to take Carmalinda Belo’s three younger children to Sulawesi.

Salanuddin is my nephew. His father is my brother and Carmalinda Belo is our younger sister.Yakin sent Salanuddin to study Islamic teaching in Sulawesi. He then came back to Quelicai and taught religion at the mosque. He collected children from our villages and sent them to Sulawesi. In Sulawesi my sister’s children went to live in the Al Anshar asrama run by Mohammad Johari.

My sister has other children here in East Timor but she wants to see her four children. She hoped that they would come back home when they finished their study.

My sister is not sure of their names anymore because they have Islamic names.’